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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight, some key defissions about yee's uncertain future. this comes after the fbi arrested him yesterday for corruption and dealing firearms. we begin live from the federal courthouse. chase? >> reporter: i talked to the secretary of state's office late this afternoon. and they say despite the fact that leelaland yee has withdraw from the race, it's too late to remove his name from the ballot. he says there are no plans for the state senator to resign. so that should set in motion a plan by democrats to vote to suspend yee from office. >> every indictment, every arraignment, every arrest reflects very poorly on a proud institution. >> reporter: state senator mark leno did not waste words.
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and his colleagues haven't wasted time either. already removing yee from committees. >> we've already asked that he step down. and if he does not, the president pro tem of the senate has already announced that we will be voting on the floor tomorrow to suspend him. so leland yee will not be on the floor of the senate ever again. >> reporter: but when we asked yee's attorney if he would resign from state senate -- >> no comment at this time. >> reporter: this followed by a statement announcing that he was dropping out of the race for secretary of state. >> this was a very personal decision on the part of the senator. this is what he wanted to do to that election for office, given the circumstances of the federal case. >> reporter: a case which yee himself has yet to comment on and which will effectively end his political career in a matter of hours. regardless of what happens, it
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is just too late to hold a special election to replace yee. so it appears that eighth senate district in san francisco will remain unrepresented for the rest of this year. now yee is also going to be back near federal court monday morning. we asked his attorney today what would happen at that hearing. he would not say. he also would not say if he may try to strike a deal with prosecutors to try to avoid as much jail time as yee does face. but this evening we will be watching to see if yee does have a change of heart and decides to resign from the senate. live tonight in san francisco, chase cain, nbc bay area news. from the meeting, to trafficking weapons, the list of accusations against state senator leland yee are long and serious. we are live in front of yee's house in san francisco. there is concern tonight that these allegations against yee
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might marr other asian-americans who are trying to carve out their own political career. >> reporter: that's exactly right. here at the state senator's home in the sunset district, we haven't seen any activity today. but these allegations are against him and 25 others. it is the latest in the short string of controversies to hit the local political scene. and the big question is will this have any impact on others who are trying to make a name for themselves. from bribery to weapons trafficking, the charges against state senator leland yee are serious and stunning for his neighbors. >> shocked. >> reporter: and for a man who's worked on local skpans. >> my god, it's like what? >> reporter: a month ago at the new asia restaurant, espoke at a dinner where he allegedly told the fbi undercover agents that he was trying to get people in
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the philippines get rocket launchers. then there are the allegations of more than one murder for hire plot. they indicated a 6:00 time, describing a big open floor plan. and when asked if they could make it, one of jackson's associates said allegedly, okay. the response seems to acknowledge the plan. while yee is not linked to that alleged scheme, he is the latest in scandals involving asian-americans. from ed ju. >> you name it, it doesn't matter. they see one of their own go down, it's like ah-oh, what's coming next. it's a natural response. >> reporter: but he doesn't believe it will have any impact except criticism against both
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yee and ju, friends who came up in the local political scene together. >> i would be surprised if this had any long term repercussions in the chinese community. >> reporter: according to the federal complaint, it spoke of yee wanting to be careful because of a recent indictment and conviction of another state senator. he talks about it being very tense at the state capital because he felt that people were wearing wires. live in san francisco tonight, new information about shrimp boy. now a few weeks ago, chow was profiled in a national geographic documentary called china town mafia. >> who can tell me something i cannot do?
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nobody. >> in recent years, chow has promoted himself as a businessman who has put his violent past behind him. but in federal court he was denied bail, being declared a danger to the public and a flight risk. we'd like you to stay with us for continuing coverage of this developing story. we have it on air and online at you'll find exclusive video and photos and details. another big headline. a surprise announcement for many people especially on the peninsula. pg&e could face new charges stemming from the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. we're live in san bruno with this developing story. what does this all mean today? >> reporter: well, we won't know exactly what it means until and if the charges are filed. but city leaders here at city hall have been fighting for nearly four years to have pg&e held accountable. and today there is an indication
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that they may face criminal charges for that deadly blast that killed 8 people and destroyed a neighborhood. late this afternoon, pg&e revealed the u.s. department of justice may be planning to file criminal charges against the company in a filing with the securities and exchange commission. pg&e says based on meetings with the u.s. doj it is expecting to face federal criminal charges related to the blast. the filing says the charges will focus on the utility's past practices that violated the act. included are pipeline management. the city manger is grateful the usdoj took the case seriously. >> we hope that it means as i said, some level of closure. and we hope that it means that there is a demonstrated had holding of pg&e accountable for
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the negligence that resulted in the disaster here. >> reporter: in a statement this afternoon, pg&e says it does not believe criminal charges are merited and that it its employees did not intentionally violate federal guidelines. clearly if the federal government filed criminal charges it's saying it can prove criminal intent and acts. if pg and e is found guilty, experts say the company is likely to face a fine. new details now in the tragic death of a u.s. marine who just arrived home from afghanistan, the driver accused of hitting and killing that marine who was on a motorcycle is now facing murder charges. that suspect today before a judge in fremont. marianne favro joins us from a growing memorial for that marine. how horrible that he survives
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afghanistan but gets killed on a motorcycle. >> reporter: yes, many of his friends are in disbelief, and his father is as well. i spoke with him earlier today. right now many people are gathered. in the past hour, more than 50 people have come here to pay their respects to lance corporal andrew sylvia. they're gathered at the intersection where he was hit and killed on early tuesday morning. and they brought candles, flags, and even his favorite food. lance corporal andrew sylvia was thrilled to return home so he could spend more time with his wife and 2-year-old son noah. that time was cut short when a suspected drunk driver slammed into silva. he was thrown off his motorcycle and killed. >> he's a marine, you know, he sees combat, guns, bombs. when he comes home, he's just trying to go see his family, and this happens. >> reporter: today the man was
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in court facing charges. he did not answer a plea. near the intersection where silva was killed, a memorial is growing. friends brought his boot, candles, and even one of his favorite meal, a traditional vietnamese dish. he graduated from james logan high school where he played football. david was in the same marine unit with silva. >> he was very dedicated. he would give 1,000% every time we had our drills. >> reporter: his family says silva was an amazing father. >> he was a really great father. sake, he put his son above everything else. >> reporter: now his son is missing him again. his father told me that he was a great kid and he still can't believe that he's gone. he also said that silva had just purchased his motorcycle four
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weeks ago. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> that is so sad. thank you, marianne. the smoke from a house fire could be seen from miles away. the fire broke out around 2:00 this afternoon. firefighters put out that fire in about 45 minutes, but not before it burned through most of the home. luckily, nobody was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. let's change gears here and talk about garlic fries. guess who's back in town. the a's and giants right here on nbc bay area. >> rod, are you ready for some baseball bay area style? >> reporter: i certainly m, jessica and raj. baseball, as you said, is back in the bay. game one of the bay bridge series between the giants and a's. now this is the perfect time for
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the players, coaches and the manger to get out of that arizona heat and back into their own homes and comfort zones. this series will be used as a final tuneup for the regular season. and bruce bochy is happy to see the beauty of at&t park once again. >> you spend seven weeks at spring training preparing for the season. so it gets a little bit long, i think, for the guys. and you get in that third, fourth week, you know, they start talking about coming home. you know, this is, you know, where you're a bit more stable. your home's here. your fans are here. and guys are excited to get the season going. so, you know, all those things play a part in why we're so excited to be home, and the weather too. it was getting pretty hot there in arizona. so i think the guys liked getting off the plane and feeling some nice, cool weather. >> reporter: now coming up in sports, we'll hear from john miller who is calling the game
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at 7:15. that's when the first pitch is. i'm going to send it back to you. still ahead, the ipo boom heads beast. a billion dollar debut from a company. and we're sighing showers in some of the hilltops for now. rain is ahead. we'll talk more about our latest storm to hit the bay area, coming up. i'm scott budman. we'll take you inside the silicon valley effort to bring autistic people into the workforce and the company leading the charge.
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a proposal to build homes on land contaminated by toxic chemicals is a subject of a meeting tonight in the east bay. the land which is in west newark used to be the site of an industrial cleaning company that was then owned by a chemical manufacturer. the soil and groundwater are known to be contaminated.
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now a developer wants to build some 200 homes near willow street and enterprise drive -- city leaders have plans to make the area residential. they are worried it will become a health threat if it isn't first cleaned up. there's a sharp rise of the number of children diagnosed with autism. the new number may not mean autism is spreading. rather doctors are diagnosing it more frequently. there are no medical tests for autism. a diagnosis is identified by a child's behavior. autism affects more than 1 million u.s. children and teenagers. >> not just a rise in autism cases, but a rise of autism patients getting in tech fields.
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scott budman got an inside look at how that's being done. >> reporter: good evening, jessica. silicon valley is known for leading the way when it comes to new products. today, though, one company wants to lead the way when it comes to bringing people with autism into the workforce. it's not unusual to see a robot as part of a silicon valley training session. what makes this session unusual is that it's a tech company specifically training autistic people for jobs. >> this is an excellent marriage. >> reporter: a marriage of software giajigiant s.a.p. >> one of the reasons we're looking at people in this spectrum is they bring abilities that we may not necessarily have in that different perspective. in order for us to accommodate some of the challenges that they have, we have to provide a different platform.
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>> reporter: with the first group of employees preparing for their first day at sfrngts a.p., they are preparing. >> they may not enjoy the eye contact or the face-to-face entation. >> reporter: vice sap plans to put in action. he'd like to see more people on the spectrum in tech jobs. >> we are in fave or of employi people in every area of the spectrum. it's a great start. >> reporter: it's a start and a new way to bring people to work. s.a.p. says while it is launching autistic people at work it wants to implement the program at several its offices around the country.
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>> it could catch on quickly. thank you, scott. an exciting morning for an east bay company. take a look. [cheers and applause] lot of smiles. a company called tri net group started trading on the new york stock, change. it was valued at $1 billion. stocks opened at $18.50 a share. when they closed they were up at $19.10 a share. they have payroll services for small to medium-sized businesses. you see a lot of lost dogs on craigslist, but one woman says she found her stolen dog on craigslist. the resourceful owner looked them up on craigslist, and sure enough, a listing for her puppies. she arranged a meeting with the seller in san leandro, and when she confronted the man, he ran off. police arrested this man for possession of stolen property and extortion. the dogs are unhurt and are back
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with their owner. and they are cute, too. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> we've got mostly cloudy skies. clouds moving on in there, and the weather will be cooling off into the upper 50s right around first pitch time. mostly cloudy at the ballpark with the slight chance of a passing shower for the first three innings of the game. this little lean here, here's 6:00. as we head towards 7:30, a few sprinkles hitting the coast. this is the mosure being forced to rise above the santa cruz mountai mountains. another little batch will pass through the south bay. and then things tend to dry out as we head through tomorrow morning except in the north bay. santa rosa will be looking at rain, and the steadier rain will be moving toward the south as we
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head through the afternoon. so the system as we go through the next 24 hours, we're looking at mild temperatures. south bay,ld see highs in the 70s. pretty warm to the south. but things begin to change as we head north. as you head to the north bay for the morning commute and through the day we're going to see rain at times hearning heavy. as we head into friday night, those rain totals north of the golden gate pretty impressive. we'll be seeing totals 1 to 2 inches we think, north of san francisco. you can see the south bay picking up close to an inch. all this means a lot of snow in the sierra. we could be adding it up by the foot. 2 to 3 feet in the high country. we'll walk you through the timing of the extra individual hours we think of the heaviest rain and snow for parts of northern california. the complete timing and the rest of your forecast coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> we'll see you then.
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up next, pilots not paying attention? what's behind the latest warping from the feds. and seeing clear. what apple could be working on to make texting easier.
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we have an exclusive interview with the mother of 13 year old jahi mcmath. she's the oakland girl who was declared brain dead following tonsil surgery. she is back in the news tonight. her family launched a court battle to keep jahi on life support. jahi is still on a ventilator at an undisclosed facility located out of state. her mother has had to leave her long-time job here in the bay area to stay with her. she says it's difficult being away from jahi's younger brother and sister. >> it's hard for me. i definitely miss my other children. but my family is like super supportive. even though i'm gone, my children definitely understand why i'm gone. d they're definitely in
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agreement with me being here to take care of their sister, and i do miss them. >> she goes on to say and refers to jahi asleep. she won't use the term brain dead. she says her daughter frequently moves her arms and legs and turns her head. she also gets physical therapy at least twice a week. hundreds of children took part in a march honoring chavez. they marched for more than a mile from the elementary school to the mexican heritage plaza. they celebrated the life of the united farm workers founder. this coincides with the release of the movie, victor chavez. outspoken for his support for gun control, but now accused of dealing guns. and how police uncovered crimes at one of the busiest airports in the country.
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plus. i'm kimberly terry in cupertino where city officials launched an unofficial war against these. the latest tactic to get rid of them coming up in a live report. where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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you know, the honest truth on that, because i've fired guns before, i don't trust myself. >> this is an interview we did with state senator leland yee. we did it about a year ago.
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tonight many are calling him a hypocrite after his arrest for allegedly dealing guns. yee spent years fighting to stop gun violence. >> but tonight i is charged with trying to import illegal firearms. we are live outside the courthouse in san francisco, and what are you hearing, chase? >> reporter: jessica, gun rights groups have really pounced on these charges against yee. organizations are lining up to point out the irony on his arrest on federal gun trafficking charges as yee as a politician who has worked for more strict gun control laws. he is known all across the country as one who has worked to reduce violence in video games and enact gun control laws. and according to the federal complaint, he tried to earn campaign donations in exchange to connecting people to international arms dealers, essentially perpetuating the gun
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violence if these end out to be true. listen to what he said from his sacramento office less than a year ago. keep in mind, that the fbi investigation had been under way for years when he made these remarks. >> i know how important dealing with gun violence is. all you have to do is to think about the young kids that were slaughtered in connecticut. >> reporter: one of those groups that was speaking out today was the chairman of the citizens committee for the right to keep and bear islands. that chairman said quote, if these allegations are true, senator yee is easily the biggest hypocrite on gun control to walk the halls of the capital in sacramento if not the entire united states. the nra has also spoken out and called yee a hypocrite because of this arrest. and if you check leland yee's personal twitter page, in the last year he has tweeted many
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times about the need to crackdown on gun violence, and of course, that is just adding fuel to the fire. nbc bay area news. pressure growing tonight against yee to step down. u.s. senator and san francisco mayor dianne feinstein says the allegations against yee are shocking. it has become clear he has lost the confidence of his colleagues, and for the good of his constituents, he should step down. canadian geese have long made themselves at home here, in parks and under your shoes, making a mess of them. for many years, they have tried many methods to try to get rid of the geese. how they're working to keep the open space a little less dirt eye. >> reporter: that's right. this is one of the city's many parks, and it's very welcoming to a canada goose who would want water, food, plenty of grass to
6:32 pm
spread out in. and the more geese, the more mess, and that is what the city has a problem with. >> we had over 250 geese here in the park, and just a big mess. >> reporter: for the last two years, cupertino has been having a turf war with canada geese who are considered a nuisance. >> every day through the week we're having to sweep off the walkways because it's so littered with things from the geese. >> reporter: the city has tried different ways to get them to move along, including turning on the sprinklers and letting the grass grow to minimize the food source. >> we tried hazing the geese with trained dogs. >> reporter: now it's nesting season, and they are trying a new tactic. it has a permit for what is called egg degradation. >> when the eggs are at a certain stage, you coat them with a vegetable based oil which
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causes the eggs not to progress. the geese continue to sit on them, but we just don't have any new goslings that will continue to return here every year if we don't do something. >> reporter: the method for managing the geese seems to be working. but they also need help from the public who may be undermining their efforts. >> don't feed the geese. it's unhealthy to feed them bread and other things. it causes problems with their skeletal system. it encourages them to come back here instead of forageing for food naturally. >> the geese have a right to be here as well. what they do is natural. what we do is natural as well. >> reporter: cupertino is not the only city with this problem. many cities across the bay area are trying different ways to get rid of geese. live in cupertino, kimberly
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terry. travelers in southern california shocked tonight after a police sting busted luggage theft ring at l.a.x. workers at the airport were stealing luggage both inside the terminal and as bags were transported across the airport. officers arrested six people overnight. this the result of a month-long undercover operation. they had jewelry, clothing and other stolen property. they say they can't believe it. >> i'm disappointed. all the stuff we have to go through now just to get to the airport. >> you kind of hope when you drop your lug and off that it's going to be safe. >> it's the hop or system, but i guess you never really know. so now you're making me lug and checking in my luggage right now. >> the people arrested are contract service workers from multiple companies and not employees of l.a.x. commercial pilots got a
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reminder to make sure to land at the right airport. this is video from january. pilots landed at a municipal airport in missouri, eight miles away from the airport expecting that flight. it prompted the ntsb to issue a safety alert reminding pay lots to maintain extra diligence in confirming destinations, especially in landing at airports that are nearby other landing strips. the white house says more than 6 million people have signed up for obamacare. the news shows a surge in enrollment just days before the march 31 deadline. it also gives democrat as boost heading into the november election. now critics say it is an expensive flop. the last minute rush exceeds the estimate by the budget office. it is unclear of the people who have signed up how many have paid for their policies. that's a necessary step for the
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plan to take effect. you may not want to look down. kids who are benefitting from today's outdoor adventure in the bay area. and maybe the next big deal for online edition ca. the new connection the startup shares with the ivy league school yale. and we're seeing cloudy skies around the bay area which hints at rain coming back into the forecast, especially for the north bay as early as the friday morning commute and a wet weekend for parts of the bay area. rain by the inch in parts of the north bay. we'll talk about that when we come right back.
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amazon is trying to shake up the streaming video market, amazon is going to make its streaming content free to all people. right now streaming videos and tv shows are only available to amazon prime customers. those customers pay a yearly fee. some analysts say this is meant to disrupt the streaming market. apple wants to make it safer for you to text and walk at the same time. apple has a patented super imposed text images over a live feed from whatever device you're using's camera. so while you're looking at the screen, you can see what's in front of you. once it's activated it would switch to a video feed. if you choose to make the text partially transparent to make things clearer. they have not specified when this will show up on its future
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virgs of ios how far would you go to raise money for charity? some are going to great heights to help. they're rappelling off the hyatt regency. they want to challenge themselves. you see the state senator gave it a shot as well as the giant's mascot. she's got to be at the ballpark soon. >> that's hilarious. in the water, not in the air, right? it was dry there when they were doing that, which is good news. we've got rain coming in now. we've got the clouds spilling in and another storm on the way that will pack a pretty big punch for parts of the bay area. and i'm live at at&t park
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where the giants and a's play game one of the pre-season bay bridge series. we'll have a live report coming up later in sports.
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in tonight's class a the decision is now in the hands of the judge. a closely watched education trial wrapped up oral arguments today. now that lawsuit centers on the longstanding controversial teacher job protections. nine students are suing the state saying it violates student rights. they say it keeps bad teachers in the classroom. eight weeks of testimony has them clashing over seniority rules and how teachers are fired. whatever the ruling, the case is
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expected to be appealed to the state supreme court. unexpected news from silicon valley. a new ceo was hired this week and he's the former president of yale university. he spent 20 years at the helm at yale. and the university is more than 300 years old. the company is just two years old. if you're wondering if online classes could eventually replace universities like yale, he says no. >> what's happening now is the users of a platform are people not currently in the four-year college enrollment pattern. they're, 70% of the students are over 30 years old. >> corsair ra partners to offer more than 600 classes online. we've been reporting on the lack of computer education in schools, but now sacramento is attempting to make a move.
6:45 pm
six bills are making their way through the legislature that would promote computer education. we tallied them up. for years they have urged action on computer science ed, saying they can't find enough workers to fill high tech jobs. and only about one of four schools offers any instruction in computer science, but with these bills that may change. we'll keep you posted. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. we are counting down to first pitch and we're also counting down to your forecast. >> and we watch this time of year for seeing interesting weather at times. we're still seeing chances of rain in the forecast. but right now around the south bay you have mostly cloudy skies in san jose. 62 degrees. not much sun there, but some sun breaks out toward san francisco. very pretty view. we've got the sea breeze going. and partly cloudy skies to
6:46 pm
mostly cloudy skies around san francisco, and still that slight chance we would see a few isolated showers along the coastal hilltops over the next hour or so. right now, 62 degrees in san jose. we're seeing trufrs mainly in the low 50s and 60s around foster city. you're seeing the temperatures in the upper 50s. as we get close to first pitch, game time temperatures there, upper 50s up there closer to san francisco. and the tri valley is where you're hanging on to low 60s around dublin and livermore. and the locations that may have a tough time getting out of the upper 50s for highs due to the rain starting here first, right now, santa rosa, 57 degrees, your high temperature tomorrow may not be that much warmer as we see more clouds and moisture spill on in. you can see isolated showers east of san jose and around the santa cruz mountains. but the next storm system is lurking offshore. during the next eight hours,
6:47 pm
we'll see some moisture being forced to rise over the coastal hilltops and may bring a brief shower to the early part of the giants/a's game. then as we head towards tomorrow morning you notice the focus of the rain will be in the north bay, and eventually that's going to spill to the south. as we head to lunch time tomorrow isolated showers, rain in the north bay. then eventually that rain line will begin southward as we head into tomorrow night. the forecast for the heaviest rain, going from the north bay late friday into early saturday. across the central bay area between 6:00 and noon on saturday and enthis all the heavy rain should be out of here by 6:00 saturday evening as the rain line hides towards the central coast. this is the progression of the heaviest bout of rain. this is going to come through for saturday morning. and behind that band of showers, as we go through saturday afternoon, wouldn't rule out an isolated thundershower, especially for the north bay hills. that will be saturday afternoon. for tomorrow, south bay looks mainly drive. the main event of the storm
6:48 pm
impacting us friday into saturday morning. the rain totals pretty impressive. an inch around santa rosa and we think about a third of an inch or more around the south bay. so pretty good system for dropping a lot of rain in the bay area. and a lot of snow in the sierra. we'll be adding it up by the foot as we get into sunday. we'll see snow totals close to 2 to 3 feet in the sierra as we go through saturday night. winter storm watch up for the sierra. south bay locations, you may see an early shower, but it looks like a mainly dry day. peninsula temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. san francisco, low 60s, and notice the north bay, 50s on the board, into sausalito and napa. pleasanton still near 70. but as the forecast shows you, saturday not only a chance of seeing rain but maybe even an isolated thundershower. sunday looks dry. that's the good news as we watch
6:49 pm
the game time forecast. looks good. chance of a few sprinkles early in the game. first pitch temperature very close though 58 degrees. you know who's doing their mic checks? we're going live to the ballpark next.
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that treacherous stretch of highway along our coast has been reopened, but not for drivers. it's a beautiful new trail. people can now walk, bike, or hike along the 1.3 mile stretch that hugs the coast. majestic views of the ocean. you can access the trail on highway 1 near pacifica or mawn tara. let's get to sports. jerrard, if you don't want to play on the big soda bottle, you
6:52 pm
can go bowling tonight in between innings. >> reporter: there's a lot of things to do, including watch a great baseball game tonight. game one of the pre-season bay bridge series, tim hudson throwing against his former team, the giants. now for both of these teams, this is the only series they're going to get to play in a big league ballpark and at night. this series does matter. >> i think just the part of it is just the energy from the fans that we feed off of. i think it helps us play better here. i think we have an advantage when we play at home, obviously. so just the ability to have that advantage and come out and win ball games. >> you spend weeks at spring training preparing for the season. it gets a little bit long, i think, for the guys. you get in the third, fourth week, they start talking about coming home. you know, this is where are you're, you know, a little bit more stable.
6:53 pm
your home's here. your fans are here. and guys are excited to get the season going. so, you know, all of those things play a part in why we're so excited to be home. >> it's nice to be able to play games in a bigger stadium leading into opening day, obviously with us and the giants, there's a little bit more to it, and the intensity's a little bit more, so good to lead into opening day with games like this. >> reporter: the first pitch is set for 7:15. and of course, you can see it right here on nbc bay area. expense hunter to hit in the two hole as scutaro continues to battle that bad hip. >> reporter: so long sonoran desert. they are back home along san francisco bay. the exhibition goes on tonight, and tim hudson will get the start up. there are some players for whom this is much more of a tune-up.
6:54 pm
>> this is the toughest part because everybody who is still left has earned the right to be in the big league roster. the problem is, there's only 25 spots available. so the giants still up in the air with their bull pen and guys in the infield and outfield. so a lot at stake here. >> reporter: hudson will probably make his regular season debut on wednesday. let's go back to you. >> reporter: thank you, guys. sticking with baseball, mlb and the players association may be close to increasing penalties for ped users. for first offense, for first time offenders would increase from 50 to 80 games with a second offense resulting in a 162-game ban, up from 100 games. the two sides reportedly hope to have a deal in place by sunday. all right. let's talk hockey. a chance for the grounds to gain ground on the st. louis blues
6:55 pm
for the overall points lead in the west. the sharks hosting a struggling, winnipeg jets squad tonight. >> they're going to play hard, like every team, you know. they're, you know, still hoping to make the post-season. so they've got a lot to play for, and so do we, we're trying to be first in our conference. both teams will be ready, and it will be a good game. maurice will visit. he has rushed over 8,000 yards in eight seasons with the jacksonvil villvill villville j. texas resident and former president george bush along with former first lady barbara and their dog all watched and the dog got himself a little workout before it was all said and done. all right, talking college basketball.
6:56 pm
unfortunately for the stanford cardinal, their season comes to an end as they fall to the dayton flyers today. but we are talking baseball tonight. the giants and a's, we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00. reporting live, back to you. we are looking forward to the game to see both teams in action here. but what are the new developments at the park? there's a bowling alley somewhere and a vegetable garden in center field. are you going to head out to those two spots? >> reporter: you know, i love tomatoes, with a little salt and pepper, so i'm going to have to go out and see what's out there. >> i'm going all the way in with garlic fries. >> thank you. we'll have complete coverage of the giants and a's. we also have a programming note to pass along as well. >> yes, we do. so tonight, our normal programming moves to tv 36. so all the episodes that you would normally see here are
6:57 pm
actually going to be coming up after the game, and of course we'll be here after that as well. >> so the new episode of parenthood after the game. we'll send it over to rob mayeda. first pitch, you can see we've got clouds over the bay area right now. a few sprinkles in some of the hilltops just to the east of downtown. whole alook at temperatures around game time getting into the upper 50s, dropping to the mid-50s as the game goes on. few sprinkles at the ballpark but pretty typical for this time of year. >> that's it. we're going to count down to the first pitch. regular season starts next tweak. so a few more days of exhibition baseball. >> what you have to do is cheer for both teams. go a's! go giant's! go a's! go giants! >> and yes, baseball is back. >> we'll see you after the game.
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the giants started their spring training in arizona last month and after six weeks they said good-bye to the cactus league. the countdown is on to opening day, but first it's game one of three between the giants and the a's next. it's 2014, and although it's not the regular season,


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